Surface Pro 2: The tablet with the heart of a laptop

Friday 29 November 2013


A recent report from IT analyst Gartner predicted 53.4 per cent growth in the media tablet market in 2013, with a total of 184 million touch-screen devices being sold around the world. These figures don’t lie - this market has been booming for the last three years, with both business and home users eagerly snapping up the latest devices to arrive at market.

Manufacturers have recognised the potential of tablets to replace other form factors, given their combination of portability and processing power. And this has led to continue developments within the industry - the result of which has been a series of new devices, offering more features and greater potential to boost productivity on the move.

Embracing media tablets

For many users, the move to a tablet computer cannot come fast enough. They are eager to take advantage of access to files, documents, software packages and the internet on the move, particularly since tablets offer a much larger screen than smartphones. This makes it much easier to work remotely, browse the internet and complete a range of online and offline tasks.

Yet others may take a little more persuading. Moving from a keyboard and mouse setup to a touch-screen environment can be fairly daunting for some people, particularly if they have limited IT skills. The same goes for those who have very practical needs for a keyboard and mouse - for instance, those who want to be able to type naturally.

Without doubt, it is slower to type on a touch-screen than using a traditional keyboard. But this is where Surface Pro 2 comes in - the Microsoft tablet with the fold-out QWERTY keyboard. Designed for power users, who want to replicate the PC environment on the move, the device has the body of the tablet but the heart of a laptop.

What can you do with Surface Pro 2?

Surface Pro 2 gives users the option of touch-screen functionality, or to type with the keyboard according to the task they are undertaking. With a next-generation Intel Core i5 processor providing fast performance and longer battery life, professionals can bank on Surface Pro 2 to provide the necessary level of IT support, but with greater portability than can be expected with a laptop.

The Surface Pro 2 can be used in a number of different ways, with the Kickstand now featuring two positions. This means users have the perfect options for working with Surface Pro 2 on their desk and their lap. By opening up the kickstand and folding out the keyboard, the tablet assumes the guise of a laptop.

Microsoft has covered every base with this tablet. As well as offering a fold-out keyboard, the tablet also comes with the Surface Pro Pen, which allows users to write manually, mark up presentations and e-sign documents. So if you have a contract or invoice to sign, it is possible to do this online - simply access the file on your tablet and write your signature on the touch-screen.

What other features are there?

Another business-friendly feature of Surface Pro 2 is the ability to connect a range of accessories and peripherals. The tablet comes with a full-size USB 3.0 port, mini DisplayPort and microSD card reader, meaning users should have no problems sharing and transferring content and data.

Following the launch of Windows 8.1 - which is designed with the needs of Surface users in mind - tablet users can take advantage of a host of new features, including live tiles and the returning Start button. It is easy to access your apps on Surface Pro 2, and multi-task with them side-by-side to ensure you can work at the maximum level of productivity.

Have you thought about introducing Surface Pro 2 in your business? To find out more about the tablet, click here.

Posted by Dan Smith