Govt aims to combat cyber security risks with new measures

Tuesday 17 December 2013

The government has announced a range of new measures designed to boost business awareness and capability where cyber security is concerned.

Working with the UK internet industry, it has co-developed a series of guiding principles to improve the online security of customers and limit the rise in cyber attacks.

The Con-Lib coalition has also developed an organisational standard for cyber security to give industry a clear baseline to aim for.

This standard will be adopted by government in its procurement, thereby encouraging uptake and giving companies "a demonstrable competitive edge".

Additionally, the government is to launch a new Cyber Security Suppliers’ scheme, allowing businesses to state publicly that they provide government with IT security products and services.

Francis Maude, Minister with oversight of the Cyber Security Strategy, said the coalition's initiatives are ensuring the UK is "one of the safest places to do business in cyberspace".

"We are already working closely in partnership with the private sector. I want to see that relationship grow to be even stronger, using our extensive engagement with networks and representatives to mainstream cyber security and raise awareness," he stated.

"We know this is important now but this is also vital for our economic growth in the coming years."

Matthew Fell, director for competitive markets at the Confederation of British Industry, said cyber attacks are now "in the same league as other mainstream business risks".

As such, they should be taken seriously in boardrooms across the UK, he claimed.

"Business needs to work collaboratively with government on cyber security and the partnership is working well, for example by providing a safe space for information sharing," he stated.

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Posted by Alex Boardman