Surface 2 and Pro 2 sales boom for Christmas

Thursday 19 December 2013

For the last few years, the biggest sellers over the festive period have been technology devices - including games, consoles, smartphones and tablets. Consumers and businesspeople alike have been eagerly snapping up connected solutions, recognising the value they can add in both their personal and professional lives. And based on retail activity so far, 2013 isn’t going to buck the trend. The latest devices and solutions are literally flying off the shelves, amid unprecedented demand.

Surface 2 and Surface Pro 2 have been among the most popular items with Christmas shoppers - and so they should be given their range of exciting touchscreen features. We're sorry if you've been unable to get your hands on one of the consumer or business Surface tabs as yet - but we're doing all we can to replenish the stock.

Ben Reed, senior manager for Microsoft Surface team, told Mashable this week that it has been "exciting" to see the public reaction to the two tablet products - which launched in October this year. "I would say that it’s our goal to get these two tablets into as many people’s hands as possible," he stated. "We're actively working with manufacturing teams and retail partners to replenish stock where it’s been sold out as soon as possible."

Why is Surface 2 proving so popular?

Microsoft tablets are always going to have an advantage over others in the field by virtue of the fact they can run the Windows operating system (OS). With 90 per cent of personal computers running a version of Windows, it is clear that this remains the most popular OS family. Individual customers - whether they are interested in a consumer tablet or business version - are familiar with Windows and the way Microsoft technology works. As such, they can simply pick up a Surface tablet and be ready to go.

Business users potentially stand to gain the most from investing in a Microsoft tablet. Surface Pro 2 takes the functionality of a laptop and shifts it to the tablet form. A fold out keyboard means it is still possible to conduct word processing tasks - much in the same way as you would on a PC - but users can also take advantage of touchscreen features, apps and - of course - incredible portability. Wherever businesspeople are going, they can carry their Surface Pro 2 with them. This means that, providing they have an internet connection, users have constant access to their email, shared documents, files and other key information.

Surface Pro 2 also has the benefit of working with a full-featured version of Windows 8.1 - the recently launched OS update. This incorporates a range of new features including faster browsing, easier customisation, enhanced app performance and the return of the Start button. The latest OS is designed to improve the user experience and ensure Microsoft tablets are able to deliver the productivity boost professional users are after.

Why get a Surface Pro 2 at Christmas?

If you are a busy professional, a Surface Pro 2 tablet can add value in ways you may not even have considered. It gives you the option of working effectively at home, on the move, during your commute to work and at other points in the day when, previously, you wouldn't have been able to get anything done online.

And with more companies embracing bring your own device policies, the chances are your employer may support personal Surface Pro 2s. This means you can download films, music, store photos and use the tablet for other personal tasks, rather than limiting its use to professional work. As such, the device can become your daily companion - with uses both at work and in your leisure time.

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Posted by Alex Boardman