Collaborating on business decisions can add value

Monday 30 December 2013

A collaborative approach to decision making can prove beneficial to companies, as their leaders look to make the right calls more often than not.

This is the view of Business 2 Community's Anna Young, who said key decisions should not be made in isolation by single individuals.

She claimed that businesses can benefit from getting users from all departments to collaborate on data, analysis and decisions.

"This enables users to drive innovative decisions and achieve common goals more effectively," Ms Young stated.

"The ability to combine data from multiple sources and deliver that information and analytics more effectively helps to inform your business decisions, from typical day-to-day discussions right up to the most urgent and critical matters."

She claimed that demand for user-friendly, customisable business intelligence is "on the increase".

Ms Young added that business users who previously struggled to understand the reporting methods within traditional intelligence processes are now able to make "more meaningful decisions" based on real-time information.

"The need for agile, self-service BI has never been greater," the expert stated.

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Posted by Dan Smith