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Gain user acceptance and standardise browsers

With IE9 and Windows 7, Microsoft rethought the role of the browser and how users interact with websites and web applications, shifting the focus on to sites rather than browser tools. This clean, minimal interface coupled with an all-round faster and richer browsing experience make for an enhanced user experience.

Streamlined deployment and management

IE9 addresses the specific needs of businesses, supporting automated deployment across all PCs, and including more than 1,500 Group Policy settings. Tools such as Unattend Settings allow you to customise elements such as home page and search providers during installation.

One of the most secure browsers around

IE9 has a robust set of built-in security, privacy and reliability technologies that can help keep your business safe from new and emerging online threats. IE9 also supports all the latest web standards, including HTML 5, giving developers the platform to deliver the best web experience for your business, whilst helping to reduce development and support costs.


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