Microsoft Dynamics GP

Microsoft Dynamics GP

Microsoft Dynamics GP helps you gain better business insight, promotes productivity, manages organisational growth and financial compliance, and reduces IT costs.

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Gain better business insight for rapid, effective decision making

Microsoft Dynamics GP helps you lower costs thanks to its flexible and reliable messaging platform. Employees gain rapid business insights, with predefined views of data tailored to their role. In addition you can turn information into action by extending the reach of critical business information across your organization.

Enable more productive people and processes

As well as helping connect your people to the right process as well as to each other, Microsoft Dynamics GP helps improve communication and collaboration, regardless of employee location. Employees can also increase productivity using familiar applications such as Microsoft Office Outlook and Excel.


Manage organisational growth and gain a competitive advantage

Competitive insights include: How to plan current and future capacity relative to projected growth; how to retain existing customers and gain new ones by placing customers at the centre of your business; and how to rapidly respond to new trends and opportunities and identify shifts in purchasing patterns.

Microsoft Partner Network

Microsoft Partner Network

Microsoft sells through authorised partners, who are skilled in the use of Microsoft technologies to resolve business challenges. Microsoft Partners include Small Business Specialists, who specialise in helping start up and small-to-medium businesses tackle their business challenges through IT solutions.

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Microsoft Dynamics GP overview

Improve processes across your business

Discover how Microsoft Dynamics GP can give your business an edge.

Top 10 reasons Dynamics GP

Top 10 reasons for choosing GP

Dynamics GP gives your people fast, familiar ways to access and work with business information.

Microsoft Dynamics GP Brochure

Download the Dynamics GP Brochure

Discover the features that give your people critical business insights.

Technology for technophobes

Technology for technophobes

Get a free download of our simple, easy to read IT guide aimed at small business owners and managers.

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