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Drag, drop and upload

Uploading your files to SkyDrive is easy – simply drag your files from your computer and drop them into SkyDrive.

Create and share office documents

Create Word, Excel, and PowerPoint documents with SkyDrive, and then share them with Hotmail. Your contacts will get an email that lets them access the documents on SkyDrive – and even help you edit them - even if they don’t have the latest version of Office.

Free online storage

SkyDrive gives an amazing 7GB of free online cloud storage. You can use SkyDrive to back up your photographs or documents, or even make them public and share a folder with friends.

SkyDrive on mobile devices

Get the SkyDrive app available on Windows Phone and iOS devices, bringing better management features and sharing options. Plus, manage your SkyDrive right from the Finder with the new preview client for Mac OS X Lion.


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