Working Better Together

Collaborating towards a common goal

There’s more to collaboration than simply working together and sharing information. True collaboration enables teams to work simultaneously or at different times towards a common goal. Put simply, you don’t necessarily need to be online or in real-time contact with a colleague as long as you are working with tools that enable you to contribute towards the same end.

Making an impact

True collaboration also means that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. By working more effectively together, with the right tools, teams create an overall impact that exceeds the aggregation of their individual contributions. It also encompasses the structured (sharing calendars, automating workflows) with the abstract (ensuring that thoughts, impressions and observations add value to a task).

Success in today’s hyper-connected world

In today’s hyper-connected world, collaboration also ensures that individuals in different locations and different time zones are always connected and contributing to projects. This doesn’t just apply to large firms. Small- and medium-sized businesses are more effective when their people are with customers, mixing training with the working day, or simply working from home in order to focus. In other words, collaboration matters, whether you’re a start-up with people out on the road meeting investment partners and prospective customers, to a medium sized business with multiple offices, teams and business goals.

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