Increase Business Agility

Squeeze every drop of value from your hardware

The benefits of virtualisation are clear. With the right software you can rationalise your system hardware, reduce the cost of management and maintenance and extend the lifetime of your hardware investment. With fewer, more energy efficient machines, you also cut back on expensive energy consumption and CO2 emissions.

A leaner, more efficient platform

The reduction in hardware also helps cut back on licensing expenditure. A leaner, more efficient hardware estate makes it easier to deploy new software in response to the needs of internal teams and the business as a whole. As well as cutting back on costs, virtualisation makes your business more agile, enabling you to make critical business decisions, safe in the knowledge that your hardware platform and system management tools can help you respond to these new opportunities.

Application virtualization

Application virtualisation enables organisations to meet the needs of users and IT by hosting applications centrally and then making them available to authorised users with minimal impact on functionality and user productivity. Application virtualisation reduces the workload associated with installing and maintaining applications on multiple devices. It also increases business agility through faster application deployment and updates with no user interruptions.

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