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Multilingual User Interface Packs for Windows Movie Maker 2.1

The Multilingual User Interface (MUI) Packages for Windows Movie Maker 2.1 provide a localized user interface to users of Multilingual User Interface (MUI) versions of the Windows XP operating system who have installed Microsoft Windows XP Service Pack 2 (SP2). This allows users to switch the Windows Movie Maker 2.1 menus, dialog boxes, and Help from one language to another.
  • Note:There are multiple files available for this download.Once you click on the "Download" button, you will be prompted to select the files you need.


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      Many enterprise customers have deployed the Windows XP Multilingual User Interface Pack in their corporations as a way to ease desktop administration and reduce desktop management costs in multilingual computing environments.

      Windows Movie Maker 2.1 Multilingual Interface Packs provide support for customers who have deployed this version of the Windows operating system.

      Windows Movie Maker Multilingual User Interface Packs are available for download for the different language versions of Windows XP. Users can choose the specific language that they want to use.
  • Supported Operating System

    Windows XP Service Pack 2

      • Prior to attempting to install any of the Movie Maker 2.1 Multilingual User Interface Packs, you must install Windows XP Professional SP2 and the Windows XP Multilingual User Interface Pack.

      1. Click the file you want to download from the list below.
      2. Do one of the following:
        • To start the installation immediately, click Open or Run this program from its current location.
        • To copy the download to your computer for installation at a later time, click Save or Save this program to disk.
    • The following MUI packages are available for download:

      mm21_muiARA - Arabic
      mm21_muiCHS - Chinese Simplified
      mm21_muiCHT - Chinese Traditional
      mm21_muiCSY - Czech
      mm21_muiDAN - Danish
      mm21_muiNLD - Dutch
      mm21_muiFIN - Finnish
      mm21_muiFRA - French
      mm21_muiDEU - German
      mm21_muiELL - Greek
      mm21_muiHEB - Hebrew
      mm21_muiHUN - Hungarian
      mm21_muiITA - Italian
      mm21_muiJPN - Japanese
      mm21_muiKOR - Korean
      mm21_muiNOR - Norwegian
      mm21_muiPLK - Polish
      mm21_muiPTB - Portuguese (Brazil)
      mm21_muiPTG - Portuguese (Portugal)
      mm21_muiRUS - Russian
      mm21_muiSKY - Slovak
      mm21_muiSLV - Slovenian
      mm21_muiESN - Spanish
      mm21_muiSVE - Swedish
      mm21_muiTRK - Turkish

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