Bossini International Holdings Limited (“Bossini”) improves inventory and logistics management and keeps pace with rapid market shifts via Dynamics AX

Headquartered in Hong Kong, Bossini International Holdings Limited (“Bossini”) was initially founded to manufacture ready-made garments. It launched its first retail outlet in 1987 and rapidly grew into a multinational enterprise. As part of its aggressive expansion in Hong Kong and other markets, Bossini set up 700 of its chain stores on the Mainland China to capture share in major cities. It now manages over a thousand retail points of presence across some 30 countries and regions.

*Dynamics AX is highly flexible and can be integrated with a wide range of current and emerging technologies. It improves inventory management at our warehouses and retail outlets, enhances our online sales efficiency, and raises productivity and customer service at our shops. It also has the ability to go beyond just inventory management to enhance other business areas so we can keep up with market shifts.*

Mr. Andrew Ling
Director, IT & Supply Chain
Bossini International Holdings Limited

The fashion and garments industry undergoes more changes, at faster rates, than other retail sectors. It literally has to keep pace with changes in weather, not to mention other trends. Therefore, it is imperative for such companies to have rapid and accurate procedures governing inventory warehousing and fulfillment, to ensure the right products are available in a timely manner to meet customer needs. This is especially the case for Bossini, which has to support over a thousand retail outlets across some 40 countries and regions, including on the Mainland China, and its new online commerce business.


Previously, Bossini had devised a proprietary inventory management process that required staff to manually check on and fulfil products to customers. This labor-intensive process was highly inefficient when it came to dealing with large inventory volumes and, worse, was fraught with the potential for costly errors. In addition to the lack of scalability, the manual system was immensely costly in time and money when the wrong quantities or styles were delivered to outlets, necessitating redelivery. These errors were even more costly when impacting overseas markets, or causing loss of lucrative business opportunities. Because Bossini intends to continue expanding market coverage, it had to solve these issues of scalability and reliability, and sought a better solution to its inventory management hurdles.

“Foremost, we wanted to improve inventory management efficiency and accuracy,” said Mr. Andrew Ling, Director, IT & Supply Chain, Bossini International Holdings Limited. His team at Bossini vetted a number of ERP systems before finally deciding on the Microsoft® Dynamics™ AX solution. “Microsoft Dynamics AX has a comprehensive feature-set to address our wide ranging needs, such as for inventory management and inspection. Its functionality can also be easily expanded with additional modules, and it seamlessly interoperates with other Microsoft solutions, such as Microsoft Office SharePoint® Server and Exchange Server. So, there is a path to the future. Other reasons we chose Dynamics AX include our management team's familiarity with the Windows platform and Microsoft’s impressive customer support and extensive resources.”


With the help of Microsoft partner ACT solutions, Bossini deployed an integrated solution comprising Dynamics AX and the SQL Server® database system, replacing its manually-administered inventory process. Now, when it comes time to check on inventory or deliver products to customers, staff need simply scan barcodes with a handheld Wi-Fi device. Product serial numbers will be clearly displayed and logged by the system for immediate updating. After deploying the new system, inventory management efficiency and accuracy is highly increased, affording Bossini tremendously improved productivity, reduction of shipment cost and time, and the ability to rapidly respond to retail outlet supply needs. Andrew said, “we set up warehousing and logistic centers in all our most strategic locations, especially on the Mainland China. In addition to supporting our retail outlets, these centers need to address the demand emerging from our new online commerce business. The Microsoft solution is giving us the improved efficiency and accuracy we need to be successful in all these areas, helping us raise utilization of our warehousing and logistics centers. It consistently exceeds even our greatest expectations.”

Because Bossini operates retail outlets, the new inventory system also had to interoperate with the company’s retail POS. “We were very impressed by Dynamics AX’s ability to work with our other business systems,” said Andrew. “Integrating with the POS means we have true, real-time status information across our entire international business network. We have essentially become a Real-Time Enterprise with the means to obtain live, accurate information about inventory, sales, accounting and other crucial business metrics we need for rapid decisions.”

Mr. Andrew Ling, Director, IT & Supply Chain, Bossini International Holdings Limited
Mr. Andrew Ling, Director,
IT & Supply Chain,
Bossini International Holdings Limited
Further Developments

Dynamics AX can be expanded with additional functional modules to enable companies to address more business areas. “Dynamics AX has the versatility to take advantage of even more technology and helps us meet upcoming requirements of our changing business,” said Andrew. “We look forward to exploring its potential to further improve our warehousing, retail stock management, online commerce, outlet operation efficiency and customer service.”

Microsoft Dynamics

Microsoft Dynamics is a line of integrated, adaptable business management solutions that enable you and your people to make business decisions with greater confidence. Because it is from Microsoft, it easily works with the systems that your company has already implemented. By automating and streamlining financial data, customer relationship management, and supply chain processes, Microsoft Dynamics brings together people, processes, plus technologies, and increases productivity and effectiveness of our business, and helps you drive business to success.

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Customer Size: Large Organization
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Headquartered in Hong Kong, Bossini launched its first retail outlet in 1987. It rapidly grew into a multinational enterprise covering some 30 countries and regions. As part of its aggressive expansion in Hong Kong and other markets, Bossini set up 700 of its chain stores on the Mainland China to capture share in major cities.