Your customers love promises Especially when you keep them.
Your customers love promises
Especially when you keep them.

Supply chain management

As an in-stock, on-time, everything's-where-it-should-be company, your fine-tuned supply chain provides just what customers want.

No matter what kind of business you run, your business needs to run like clockwork. And to do so, you need to be able to examine it—any inch of it—in real time. To have control, you need to know what’s where and when. And with control, you can have more efficient people and processes, a better handle on costs, happier customers and, ultimately, greater profits.

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Help take problems out of the process

Take problems out of the process

With a real-time look into sales data, inventory, shipment schedules, and more, you'll have a total picture of what's coming in and what’s going out, and an easier time managing what used to be known as "hassles."

  • Simplify critical purchasing and receiving processes.

  • Know what your customers want now, and plan for what they'll want next.

  • Keep inventory lean, and still address demand.

  • Get the tools to make smarter buying decisions and to negotiate better terms.

  • Help improve customer service and, therefore, customer relationships.

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"By using Microsoft Dynamics, we have reduced out-of-stocks, delayed shipments, and the risk of losing invoices and orders, which equates to a much better experience for our customers."

Kevin Klock
General Manager and Senior Vice President
Talking Rain Beverage Company

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Automate, and see what it does for accuracy

Automate, and see what it does for accuracy

The automation we offer helps reduce redundant tasks and can increase accuracy—from your desk all the way to your customer's receiving dock. That can eliminate bottlenecks, improve order processes, and minimise both handling time and overhead. And, because it works like and with Microsoft Office, there's less training and better cross-department communication.

Not only can this make your people more productive, it also can make work much less like work. By linking your people to information—and to each other—Microsoft Dynamics ERP gives you the ability to find exactly the information you're looking for—as high-level or as in-depth as you’d like—so you can make smarter decisions more quickly.

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easier with Microsoft Dynamics ERP

Put it all together

Put it all together

Microsoft Dynamics ERP is fit to your company's supply chain—not the other way around—and it comes with a host of other organisation-changing capabilities that can make it easier for your entire organisation to connect and collaborate.

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What is supply chain management?

Having the right raw materials, inventory, and supplies to keep you in business today and tomorrow makes managing your supply network a critical activity. Supply chain management integrates aspects of operations management, procurement, logistics, and information technology to ensure continuous, on-time resupply.

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