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Broadclyst Primary School

Find out how Windows 8, Lync and SharePoint have transformed learning at Broadclyst Primary School.


Twickenham Academy

Through the implementation of Surface devices with Windows 8, Office 365, SharePoint and OneNote Twickenham Academy has driven a cultural change within the school, transforming the way it approaches teaching and learning.


Hong Kong Institute

In high-rise Hong Kong, space is always at a premium, so everyone needs to keep their computing compact. Thanks to a variety of Windows 8 tablets, innovative e-learning has become a reality at this forward-thinking school.

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Windows 8.1 Devices

It’s great news that there are now so many innovative Windows devices to choose from. But which ones are right for your staff and students? Based on your industry and the devices your professional peers have chosen, we’ve made three recommendations below. Or you can browse the entire range.

Dell Venue 8 Pro 5000 Series (LTE)

Access email, read, and create all day, anywhere, on this slim tablet.

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Dell Venue 11 Pro 5000 Series

Email, read, and create all day, anywhere, on the tablet with the new Windows.

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Education Apps



Now everyone can create stunning eBooks.

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An all-in-one solution for the use of mobile devices in education.

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GroupCall Emerge

It’s all in hand.

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A ‘hands on’ approach to driving workforce efficiency and productivity

Technology is at the heart of driving positive-change in your industry, and in this mobile-first, cloud-first world; your workforce demands faster, more intuitive technology, uninterrupted services, and the ability to work whenever, and wherever they are. If you’re interested in creating an integrated, multi-device network to enable your employees to collaborate, communicate and gain access to information at anytime, anywhere; then we may have the solution for you.

  • Sign-up for a 1-on-1 Windows Experience workshop and our mobility experts will show you how the array of Windows 8.1 devices can be put into practice in your business
  • Get ‘hands on’ with the markets latest devices in real life scenarios at Microsoft’s HQ
  • Register for a Device Trial and evaluate a sample of the latest Windows 8.1 devices in your workplace for a trial period
  • Discover a sustainable approach to meeting your business challenges and aspirations

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Enabling and inspiring students and teachers with Windows 8.1

Technology needs to integrate into the lives of teachers and their students as easily in class as it does at home. They should have access to solutions that help to deliver a richer and more engaging learning experience. This white paper explains how and maintains that those solutions need to be flexible, collaborative and easy to use.


‘Meet the new Windows’ training brochure

It doesn’t take much training to make the very most of Windows 8.1 and this clear, straightforward brochure will help achieve that – quickly putting staff at their ease, whether they’re using touch, mouse, keyboard or all three.


5 Benefits of OS Modernisation

Is your OS flexible enough? An article in Information Week Magazine puts forward a very persuasive argument for migrating to the latest Windows OS, citing business agility, productivity and security – while driving down IT costs.

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Empowering Enterprise Mobility – Identity, Management, Data Protection

Times are changing, and IT companies no longer have to simply navigate the growing expectations of their customers, but also the growing number of digital and mobile channels available, and the need to access secure company data whenever, and wherever they are.

Enterprise Mobility Suite (EMS) offers a cost effective cloud solution which helps organisations provide a consistent and personalised experience for users across a wide range of devices, and enables sensitive corporate data to remain secure and protected. As well as incorporating all of the core cloud services (Microsoft Azure Active Directory Premium, Windows Intune, and Microsoft Azure Rights Management), find out more about the other key EMS features and what they can do for your business:

  • Hybrid Identity Management
  • Mobile Device Management
  • Access and Information Protection
  • Desktop Virtualization

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