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IPG Media Brands

It’s great when a new app exceeds expectations. At IPG, the successful marriage of PUSHBI and Windows 8 has put the latest data exactly where staff and clients need it – at their fingertips.


Flywheel Sports

When you’re pushing yourself to the limit you need motivation. Discover how Surface RT devices have revolutionised customer engagement at over 24 Flywheel Sports outlets.


Rooms to Go

When you’re about to close a sale, the last thing you want to do is leave a customer while you retrieve data. At Rooms To Go that no longer happens. Staff can now deliver a much more mobile and attentive service – all thanks to tablets running Windows 8 Enterprise and an app called MiRTG.

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Windows 8.1 Devices

It’s wonderful that there are now so many innovative Windows devices for you and your teams to choose from, but which ones will best suit what your staff actually do? Based on your industry and the devices your professional peers have chosen, we’ve made three recommendations below. Or you can browse the entire range.

Bluebird BM180

The BM180 keeps you ready for every call of duty with a large 5" HD Eyelluminate™ Display, Built-In Scanners and MSR..

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Bluebird BP30

The BP30 offers ruggedness like no other. Stamped TankSmith™ for its radical durability, your BP30 will serve you well both indoors and out.

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Box Technologies Cielo Tablet

The new Cielo tablet, a ruggedised, IP54 rated, dust and water resistant solution for all mobile retail applications.

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Dell Venue 8 Pro

A commercial tablet that’ll serve you really well as a laptop replacement.

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Panasonic Toughpad FZ-G1

Designed to take some hard knocks.

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Microsoft Surface Pro 2

The powerful heart of a laptop and the body of a tablet.

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Retail Apps


Acorn Profitability Reporting: puts the facts at your fingertips

By connecting to Acorn’s Performance Analyzer 5G, Acorn Profitability Reporting delivers real-time net profitability and cost management to any Windows 8.1 device. The result is secure mobile access to business intelligence, for the analysis of key metrics, discovery of data trends and ultimately the ability to make fact-based decisions without being chained to the office.

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Build your own app

Sometimes it’s necessary to tailor an existing app or even create a new one from scratch. No problem. We’ll help you identify key needs and implement the supporting infrastructure for deployment on Windows 8.1. Together we can build a line-of-business app that perfectly fits the bill.

Packed with features, Windows 8.1 brings together everything you do

Whether it’s putting a new line-of-business app through its paces, accessing data from anywhere, or optimising team performance in and out of the field, Windows 8.1 has it all. You get the enterprise-grade solutions you need for the efficient and secure management of all personal devices across your organisation. Meanwhile, your staff get the intuitive Windows experience they love.

  • BranchCache caches your files, websites and other content from central servers locally on hosted cache servers or PCs.
  • As a result, BranchCache frees employees who are in branch offices from having to download content multiple times across their Wide Area Network (WAN).
  • Desktop and Start Screen improvements have enhanced the user experience for those using their mouse and keyboard to access applications.
  • All versions of Windows 8.1 include end-to-end biometric capabilities for identity authentication anywhere in Windows, including Windows sign-in, remote access and User Account Control.
  • Windows 8.1 is optimised for fingerprint-based biometrics and includes a common fingerprint enrolment experience that works with a variety of readers, including touch and swipe.
  • Modern readers are touch-based (rather than swipe-based) and include liveliness detection that prevents spoofing by, for example, silicon fingerprint copies.

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Economic impact of Windows tablets for assisted sales in retail

When Forrester Consulting researched the savings and benefits of Windows 8 tablets, the organisations surveyed were shown to have lower management, purchase and security costs. Better still, faster access to data has not only improved the performance of their sales staff but also increased customer satisfaction.


Putting a new face on the retail experience

Nothing beats one-to-one interaction when building customer relationships. But nothing is more of a drain on resources either. This paper examines how Windows 8.1 helps deliver the personal touch to more customers for less. By using its intuitive user interface, customer-facing staff can show off merchandise, input sales data and check product availability – all from one touchscreen device.

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Empowering Enterprise Mobility – Identity, Management, Data Protection

Nobody said being in IT was easy. And now they have to deal with the increased use of mobile devices, a proliferation of apps, and users' expectations to access company data from virtually anywhere. IT needs a reliable, complete and efficient solution that takes a people-centric approach to the management of users, their devices and the protection of corporate data. Microsoft has solutions to help organisations harness the power of enterprise mobility, without unnecessary risk or complexity.

How can IT provide a consistent and personalised experience for users across a wide range of devices? How does IT help to keep corporate information protected? How are these two requirements achieved without adding unrealistic cost and complexity to the business? Microsoft has solutions to enable enterprise mobility:

  • Hybrid Identity Management
  • Mobile Device Management
  • Access and Information Protection
  • Desktop Virtualization

Microsoft recently announced the Enterprise Mobility Suite (EMS), which is the comprehensive cloud solution to address your consumerisation of IT, BYOD, and cloud SaaS challenges. The suite is the most cost effective way to acquire all of the included cloud services: Microsoft Azure Active Directory Premium, Windows Intune, and Microsoft Azure Rights Management.

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