Broaden your network and get personal

Part of working like a network is understanding how to tap into external conversations; Being where your customers are, listening to what they are saying and letting those insights guide your internal dialogues. For enterprise organisations with a large customer base, this is a huge undertaking but one that allows, if approached in the right way, a deeper engagement across all segments.

Microsoft Social Listening for Microsoft Dynamics CRM, gives companies a suite of tools to listen in on social media channels in order to better understand their industry, their clients and themselves.

Tracking keywords and watching the trends tell you, for example, how much a particular service or product of yours is being discussed and what people are saying about it. Digging deeper by looking at individual publishers and posts then lets you understand the context around the discussions.

Similarly, monitoring mentions of both your brand and competing brands on social media allows you to gauge the general feelings – positive, negative and neutral – people have about your company and see how you measure up against your rivals.

Social Listening for Microsoft Dynamics CRM will help you obtain those insights, but what you do with them is up to you. If you follow the ‘work like a network’ mantra, ensuring your internal teams get access to this information would be top of the action list. How do you do this? With enterprise social tools like Yammer and internal collaboration products such as Office 365 of course.

Putting your people in the conversation means your business can get things right. Salespeople spot new opportunities and respond to competitive threats with precision. Marketing teams use social insights to make their campaigns sing. Customer care teams use sentiment analysis to understand customers and to make interactions more meaningful.

Being social is about more than letting people know you are there. It is a two-way communication which involves listening and responding. Add to this some well-planned content which taps into insights to shape your own messaging, and your customers will see that you are talking to them personally! This refreshing approach lifts your company above the white noise and helps to start a tailored dialogue from which to nurture an ongoing business relationship. It’s a far cry from the soulless cold call.

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