Enterprise Social - How Yammer provides a voice for the whole team

Open, collaborative and responsive - three essential elements in any modern business. Great ideas are happening all the time across your whole company. If only there was a way to hear these ideas and quickly develop them. Yammer enables the immediate sharing of ideas from all members of your organisation and provides a vehicle for those unexpected flashes of inspiration to really make a difference.

Check out this video/story to learn how Microsoft and Yammer can bring your teams closer together.

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More and more companies are seeing the value of embracing the social trend. Andy Hedges at Westfield UK saw the benefits of real-time collaboration and how enabling immediate feedback can save precious time in issue resolution.

'We had a gift card initiative where we were rolling out some changes to the gift card, and I think it's fair to say that some of the changes were perhaps not as well thought-through as they could've been. The team on the ground were seeing that in real-time, through feedback coming back from retailers and feedback coming back from shoppers. What Yammer allowed us to do was to identify that issue very, very quickly, and rapidly collaborate on the best solution. The solution that was delivered saved at least six, if not more, weeks of headache.

Universal McCann Worldwide used Yammer to amplify the first steps of their pitch process for a campaign, allowing all teams to contribute no matter where they were based, and secured a global client as a result.

'Before Yammer, this type of cross-border, cross-discipline ideation exercise would have been impossible to execute'.

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