Taking Big Data to the Clouds

IDC estimates data will grow at 50% a year as more and more people connect using more and more devices. How to harness that data and use it insightfully is different in every industry. With a predicted 15% increase in passenger demand in 2014, the Middle Eastern aviation industry is growing exponentially and airlines need a competitive edge. Saudi Airlines identified business intelligence as an important area for development and engaged Microsoft Consulting Services to streamline their operation and help them learn more from their customer data.

Microsoft Services stood out by showing an authentic understanding and articulation of Saudi's pain points at both an operational and executive level. With an unmatched Proof of Concept and demonstrated BI experience and expertise, Microsoft Consulting Services was selected to deliver the new BI architecture and data warehouse that could meet the airline's three biggest needs: fast time to business, enhanced system performance, and flexibility to support better decision making.

Muhammad Ali M. Albakri, CIO and CFO of Saudi Airlines, believes the new BI solution was like 'turning on the headlights of a car on a dark and twisting road. It helps us tone our marketing, determine our pricing strategy and our service offering. It is a competitive advantage, and a valuable tool. We will protect it because it gives us an edge over airlines in the region and in the world'.

Saudi Airlines

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