Plan: Enterprise Strategy

To help you realize the full value of your current and future technology investments and to make sure those investments track directly to your business goals, Microsoft Services provides professional planning and strategy services that focus on just that—driving business results through the use of technology. The Microsoft Enterprise Strategy Program is a programmatic approach that includes orchestration, strategy and planning, architecture, and IT and business enablement services.

Your value

  • Through our Enterprise Strategy Program offerings, we help you:
  • Innovate by helping you identify opportunities to use technology as a means to drive your targeted goals, such as reducing infrastructure cost or improving productivity
  • Accelerate results by reducing time-to-value when you invest in a solution
  • Maximize the return on your technology investments in Microsoft products and services
  • To assist you in achieving your specific goals, the program includes:
  • A team of dedicated senior architects
  • Deep connections to a network of Microsoft subject matter experts
  • Proprietary information, including research and industry best practices
  • Access to briefings, workshops, and architect forums

Our approach

  • Our engagements offer tools and business practices that help drive immediate and ongoing return on investment in these areas:
  • Orchestration - We help provide a comprehensive approach to planning, delivery, resources, and results tracking that aligns operational aspects of your business with your executive-level business plans.
  • Strategy and planning - We help create a strategic roadmap for your Microsoft platform investment that merges business and IT imperatives to help guide decisions on where your investments can offer “quick wins” and where to place your “big bets” for the future.
  • Architecture - We help you develop a sustainable architectural program that aligns your IT roadmap to Microsoft’s. This will help you advance the business, information, integration, and solution components of your architectures as new technologies emerge.
  • Business practices - We help you establish the right business and IT practices to "work the plan," now that you’ve "planned the work." This includes change management, governance optimizations, benefits management, and staff training.
  • The Enterprise Strategy Program can offer an approach for the specific problems or opportunities you would like to address.

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