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Tim Cozze-Young,
Enterprise Audience Marketing Manager
We are entering a New Era, and Microsoft’s launches of Windows 8 and Windows Server 2012 are designed for you to address the challenges and opportunities that exist. This newsletter focuses on the potential benefits of the new devices, solutions and services to businesses like yours. In this issue Jamie Burgess shares insights from Windows 8 early adopters, Morris Novello reveals a new way to get hands-on with Microsoft Business Intelligence tools and Wayne Mayer explores the benefits of Windows Server 2012. We’ve got analyst reports, case studies and deployment tips too. Get a head start on the latest solutions for your organisation!

Microsoft Enterprise Team
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Jamie Burgess,
Enterprise Client Business
Windows 8 – Designed for the Enterprise
Microsoft recently ran an event for senior managers to explore the impact Windows 8 could have on their business. Jamie Burgess was there and shares his memories of the event and some of the insights from early adopters, customer and attendees.
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Microsoft in leading pack of self-service BI vendors
Research company Forrester published a report earlier this summer which has placed Microsoft amongst the leading pack for self-service BI vendors. This is due to the 'breadth of our self-service BI functionality offerings'.
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Morris Novello,
Product Manager, Microsoft UK
The Business Intelligence Experience
Microsoft is running a series of Business Intelligence Experience days. We spoke to Morris Novello, a Product Marketing Manager at Microsoft, to see how these sessions help customers get hands-on with the latest business intelligence technology.
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Wayne Mayer
Product Manager, Microsoft UK
What can Windows Server 2012 do for my business
The recent launch of Windows Server 2012 has created new ways for companies to manage the very heart of their IT – the programmes and data in their datacentres. Wayne Meyer, Server and Tools Product Manager at Microsoft outlines its benefits.
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Solutions in Action
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Building Society increases business agility with private cloud solution
Skipton Building Society needed a self-service portal for development environments for its mortgage services division HML. Its IT Shared Service Centre was tasked with finding a solution that would allow HML to provision virtual machines to keep pace
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Royal Mail Group reduces costs by 20 percent with automated deployments and private cloud
Royal Mail Group delivers postal services to every household in the United Kingdom—more than 28.8 million addresses—through a network of 12,000 post offices, 2,000 processing sites, and 160,000 employees. Although Royal Mail Group is government-owned, the organisation expects to become a private company under the current parliament. The Royal Mail Group decided to upgrade its 27,000 computers to the Windows 7 operating system
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Deploying Windows 8 within Microsoft
One of the roles of Microsoft IT is to be the first customer of Microsoft’s commercial products and services. The IT department manages a phased, employee adoption of early versions of Microsoft products and services, we call this “dogfood” in that we’re eating our own dogfood. This program enables the IT department to help Microsoft’s product teams to deliver higher quality products and services to customers, both near-term and long-term.
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Events The Microsoft Hybrid IT Roadshow
This series of 1-day events will provide you with the best possible opportunity to learn about what's new in the Microsoft Hybrid IT vision, strategy and roadmap and how it can deliver real business value Choose from one of the following locations and dates:-
  • Reading, 29th January
  • Manchester, 26th February
  • London, 5th February
  • Edinburgh, 19th March
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Events The Microsoft BI Experience
Are you a user working with data on a daily basis? Do you need help accessing and understanding information in your organisation? Join us at our Business Intelligence Experience where you can get hands-on with data and see the value and benefits of the Microsoft BI solution.
Choose from one of the following locations and dates:-
  • London, 14th December
  • London, 18th January
  • London, 18th February
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Events Licensing Training. ** featuring Windows 8
Come and learn about licensing with Microsoft’s Licensing experts. This is your opportunity to have your questions answered , increase your knowledge and discuss with your peers. Spaces are limited and our licensing education sessions fill up quickly, so please register as soon as you can to book your place!
Choose from one of the following locations and dates:-
  • London or Online, 23rd November
  • Birmingham, 28th November **
  • London or Online, 7th December
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Like what you’ve heard about our Microsoft solutions? Contact a Microsoft partner with proven expertise who has a Microsoft competency in the area of technology you need. Visit the UK IT Experts page to find the right partner for you and benefit from our trusted network today.

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Microsoft Premier Support
Keep your systems at optimal health with Microsoft Premier Support, a tiered series of support solutions covering all Microsoft products and technologies. Each tier is designed to suit different business requirements, starting with the simplest – Foundation Support – all the way through to our most comprehensive solution – Premier Ultimate. Find out which is best for you Read more
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Council expands shared services and makes significant savings through virtualisation

Staffordshire County Council is the eighth-largest council in England and a leader in shared IT services. It wanted to benefit from management and virtualisation to save money and ensure continuity of critical applications, while creating a private cloud. Read more
  Licensing   Licensing
Volume Licensing Buyers Guide…for Windows 8

Whether you want to upgrade your PCs to Windows 8, gain access to exclusive offerings such as Windows 8 Enterprise edition and the Microsoft Desktop Optimization Pack, or use Windows with greater flexibility, there is a Microsoft Volume Licensing solution that is right for your organization.
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Mapping Endangered Species
What do the California condor, the snow leopard, and the Wollemi pine have in common? They’ve all made the least desirable position on one of the nature’s most important lists: the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species. Read more
The Coldest Journey
On 6th December, a team of explorers led by Sir Ranulph will set off from London on the world's first ever attempt to cross the Antarctic in winter. This - never been done before - expedition will provide unique scientific research, form the basis for an education programme reaching up to 100,000 schools across the Commonwealth and raise much needed funds for Seeing is Believing

Microsoft are proud to be an integral partner by helping to deliver the public website hosted on Windows Azure. The site is where all news about the team’s progress will be shared, schools will be go to and purchase courseware, which will help fund the expedition. On top of this, the team are using Office 365 to stay in contact whilst the expedition is on the ice as well as sharing footage taken on the journey for production back in the UK. Read about Ranulph’s journey
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