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Tim Cozze-Young,
Enterprise Audience Marketing Manager
We're taking a look into the future in this issue. From the way that new technology is reinventing the way we work and forcing us to reimagine the world of business to the advent of natural user interfaces, private clouds and the surprisingly business-like role of social networking in business. Sharing is, apparently, the new saving. As ever, the theory is backed up by practice with case studies from EMI, Center Parcs and Unilever. Welcome to 2013: Get ready to think radical thoughts.

Microsoft Enterprise Team
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David Bennie,
Product Manager, Microsoft UK
Business Reimagined
You have already heard the litany of the new world of work: social, cloud, mobile, BYOD, big data. You've probably read that "work is something you do not somewhere you go". But what does that actually mean for businesses? What does Work 2.0 look like? What new skills do we need? What does it mean for the IT department? What new tools and technology make it happen? To answer these questions, we think that there are four axes worth exploring. Like the best Zen haikus they are both contradictory and enlightening.
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Natural user interfaces and business
At a recent event at Microsoft Cambridge, we saw some exciting new user interfaces. Some used physical objects, some used large touch-enabled tables, others involved gesture recognition and there were even prototypes that allowed users to interact with virtual 3D objects projected into the real world.
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The new world of social collaboration
Today we are witnessing fundamental shifts in enterprises and societies. Four computing megatrends - cloud computing, the proliferation of mobile devices, Big Data, and pervasive social features in applications - are increasing employee engagement, improving team collaboration, and enhancing business agility. These trends facilitate new work scenarios in which it's easier than ever for workers to collaborate to do their work. The business and IT benefits of these trends are concrete, measurable, and significant, and they're driving the next generation of enterprise computing.
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Cliff Evans,
Product Manager, Microsoft UK
Private Cloud Nine
Cliff Evans, Private Cloud Lead at Microsoft UK, attended a recent CIO roundtable to discuss the role that private cloud can play in large companies and the opportunities and challenges it presents for IT leaders.
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Solutions in Action
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EMI Exploits 'New World of Data' for Single View of Music Across 25 Countries
Record company EMI Music wanted to integrate the large amount of information it uses - including massive consumer surveys, demographic, and partner data from companies such as iTunes - to gain a single global view for its artists. By deploying Microsoft SQL Server 2012 Fast Track Data Warehouse technology, EMI now has an accessible single source of country, consumer, and partner insight data to support decision making about the needs of consumers in 25 countries.
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Resort Operator Switches from Google Apps to Microsoft, Ups Productivity by 20 Percent
Center Parcs wanted to improve coordination of guest activities. The resort operator deployed Google Apps to 250 employees for 18 months. After discovering that it did not provide the enterprise-grade performance that employees needed, it replaced Google Apps with the Microsoft Business Productivity Online Standard Suite. Now, it gains from increased productivity and a platform that supports responsive guest service.
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Unilever Transitions to Private Cloud, Expects to Double in Size without Increasing IT Costs
Unilever has been hugely successful in selling personal care, homecare, and food products to billions of customers throughout the world - so successful that it expects to double in size in 10 years. To ensure that its IT organization could support this growth, Unilever worked with Avanade to migrate from VMware to Hyper-V technology in Windows Server 2008 R2. It then used Hyper-V and Microsoft System Center 2012 to create a private cloud environment that contains 3,175 virtual machines. With its private cloud, Unilever will deliver IT services 40 % faster and be more agile in the marketplace. It also expects to achieve its growth goals with no increase in IT costs. By eliminating hundreds of servers, Unilever realized significant savings and became a better environmental citizen. It is upgrading to Windows Server 2012 to gain even more IT efficiency.
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Tesco gets social with Microsoft Office 365
Retailer selects Microsoft solution to help it deliver a great shopping experience for customers. The U.K.-based retailer is committed to deploying Office 365 to its employees working at the company's headquarters, in the field and in stores, across all its locations in Europe and Asia.
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The new Office has arrived
Four cool R&D projects that are going to change your world
At a recent event at Microsoft Research Cambridge, a number of demos stood out. They address big problems and use new technology to solve them. Their relevance to business IT problems is obvious but they also have the potential to help change the world. Read more
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