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Volume Licensing Briefs provide in-depth knowledge of licensing topics. They are particularly useful for learning about complex licensing situations involving new technologies or combinations of products.

  • Downgrade Rights

    February 2011, Word Document, 90 KB

    Explains the downgrade rights for the most commonly acquired systems License Terms granted by Volume Licensing programs and how they compare with original equipment manufacturer (OEM) and full packaged product (FPP) license rights.

  • Microsoft Software License Dependency Reference Guide

    May 2011, Word Document, 95.7 KB

    A comprehensive list of Microsoft software licenses and dependent licenses (the "software stack") required under the terms of Volume Licensing programs.

  • Product Cross Language Rights

    May 2004, Word Document, 100 KB

    Briefly explains how customers who acquire a license for specified software can switch to another language version of that same software.

  • Reimaging Rights

    February 2011, Word Document, 83.9 KB

    Explains the rights that are granted to all Volume Licensing customers to copy software onto multiple devices from one standard image.

  • Step-up Licenses

    September 2010, Word Document, 147 KB

    Outlines how customers who have Software Assurance can migrate from a lower edition to a higher edition software while maintaining their Software Assurance coverage on a given product.

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