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Microsoft Payment Solutions

Microsoft Payment Solutions provides a range of flexible options that enable you to structure your IT spend to meet your specific business and financial needs.

Whether your IT solution is Microsoft-only, or combines products from other suppliers and Microsoft partners as well, Microsoft Payment Solutions can assist you in managing your total acquisition costs and investment priorities – while keeping your existing credit lines and cash free for other investments. In addition, Microsoft Payment Solutions can be invaluable if you need to overcome budget shortfalls, payment timing constraints or cash flow challenges. As your organization accelerates the transition to cloud services, Microsoft Payment Solutions gives you the flexibility to do so on your own terms by letting you align payments to your business objectives.

Microsoft works with third-party financing providers to facilitate payment solutions for credit-approved customers under the Microsoft Financing program.

Payment Solutions Options

Every organization is different. So when we helped design Microsoft Payment Solutions, we knew it was essential to support real flexibility in payment options. Whether you would like to spread equal payments over time, defer payments until budget becomes available, or ramp payments, we can help. Our Payment Solutions Specialists can even combine these options to suit specific needs.

Monthly, quarterly, or semi-annual spread payments

Monthly, quarterly, or semi-annual spread payments

Avoid a large upfront investment by spreading low, equal, and predictable payments over 12 to 60 months.

Deferred payment option

Deferred payment option

Defer making your first payment for up to 6 months, allowing you to begin deploying and benefitting from your IT investments immediately, and then pay when your budget becomes available.

Ramped payment option

Ramped payment option

Manage cash flow more strategically by matching payments to staged technology deployment – paying less initially and more in the later stages of the roll-out, and ramping down the legacy technology at the same time.

For software agreements, the payment solution period must match the duration of the agreement. For example, a 3-year Enterprise Agreement would be covered by a payment solution over 36 months.

Microsoft Payment Solutions Specialists and your Microsoft sales representative or partner will work with you to select the ideal solution for your requirements.

Payment Solutions Guide

Microsoft Payment Solutions can be extremely helpful in the following situations:

Setting up or renewing an Enterprise Agreement? Choose Extended Payment Terms.
Designed for Enterprise Agreements, Extended Payment Terms provides early lock-in of renewal pricing and streamlines the purchase process. It allows you to structure your software payments through a simple amendment to your Enterprise Agreement, without the need for a separate loan document. This option is available in many countries. Please contact your local Payment Solutions Specialist for more information.

Acquiring software or cloud services? Choose License Financing.
License Financing provides customized payment options to help you match your technology spend with budget availability, executed as a traditional loan through a third-party financial institution.

Acquiring software, services and hardware? Choose Total Solution Financing.
Total Solution Financing provides payment options for complete software, services, and hardware solutions – including non-Microsoft products – subject to a minimum amount of Microsoft content. Please contact your local Payment Solutions Specialist for more information.

Hybrid environments? Choose Custom Payments.
Microsoft Payment Solutions provides customized payment options to facilitate your adoption and deployment of a hybrid IT environment consisting of both on-premise and cloud environments.


Microsoft Payment Solutions offers the following benefits:


  • Enables software purchases through a payment structure that aligns to your budget, cash flow or deployment schedule
  • Choose predictable monthly, quarterly, or semi-annual payments ranging from 12-60 months
  • Create a customized payment plan by deferring your initial payment up to 6 months, or ramping payments to start low and increase as you benefit from your IT solution


  • Execute Extended Payment Terms as a simple amendment to an Enterprise Agreement, without creating a loan document or requiring additional approvals
  • Enterprise Agreement enrollments provide ease of purchase and early lock-in of renewal pricing
  • Add new products, upgrades or consulting services to an existing agreement outside of normal budget cycles, at any time
  • Payment Solution Specialists are available to assist in licensing and structured payment design

Conserve Resources

  • Preserve capital and other financial resources for alternative strategic investments
  • Structure payments to cover 100% of the solution cost with no additional collateral, no residuals, and no hidden fees
  • Secure a funding alternative to a traditional loan at competitive rates
  • Low minimum requirement amount

These web pages are for informational purposes only and do not constitute an offer of credit by Microsoft or any affiliate of Microsoft. To receive financing, a customer must be credit-approved by the applicable third-party financing provider. The financing agreement sets forth the terms and conditions on which financing is offered.