Using Microsoft MapPoint for Various Sales Management Activities

If you work in sales, you can use Microsoft MapPoint to help with the following types of activities:
  • Defining and mapping sales territories.
  • Analysing sales performance.
  • Calculating routes and creating maps for sales calls.
The exercises in this section provide a guided experience of the ways to work with maps and the MapPoint mapping tools. The scenario used for these exercises centres around the sales efforts of the owner of a basement-waterproofing franchise in the north-eastern United States. There are four sales representatives, each with his or her own territory.

You may download the free 14-day trial or use the MapPoint Test Drive to see for yourself how key features of MapPoint can make light work of common sales management tasks. Every map point you display will help you become more effective. It’s easy to translate the skills acquired in this Test Drive to other industries where spatial data and mapping can help improve decision making.

To start MapPoint:
On the Start menu, click All Programs, and then click Microsoft MapPoint 2013.

Exercise 1: Mapping sales territories
Your sales representatives' territories are assigned based on county boundaries. Because territory details are stored in a Microsoft Office Excel worksheet, you can easily plot the territories on a map.

Note: For MapPoint to be able to plot territories, at least one column in the worksheet must contain geographic information.
  1. On the Data menu, click Territories.
    The Create Territories Wizard starts.

  2. On the first page of the wizard, select the Create from your own set of data option and then click Next.

  3. Browse to the SalesData workbook, and then open it.

  4. On the Choose the sheet or range you want to map page, select the Territories worksheet, click Next, and then click Finish.
    MapPoint maps the territories by county and then zooms in and centres your map on the territories. The Legend and Overview task pane opens to the left of the map, showing the colour assigned to each sales representative's territory.
    Note: You can click the Zoom In and Zoom Out buttons on the Advanced toolbar to customise your view of the map.

Leave the map open to continue with the next exercise.