Getting up to speed with 4G

4G promises to redefine super-fast data delivery. Discover 4G Microsoft Lumia Phones for yourself.

What is 4G?

Fourth generation (4G) mobile communication technology has long promised white hot data transmission rates over longer distances in comparison to 2G and 3G mobile networks. In fact, it’s expected to offer an experience more like your home broadband.

Faster speeds

Whereas the average speed of 3G is 1Mbit per second, 4G comes in at 6Mbit per second. That’s up to seven times faster! So a music album that takes 20 minutes to download over 3G, 4G delivers in just over three minutes.

Future proof with Lumia

With the largest array of Microsoft Lumia 4G ready devices (including Lumia 735, 830, 930, 635, 1520, 1320, 1020, 2520, 925 and 625) buying a Lumia smartphone is the easiest way to ‘future proof’ your purchase. Plus our handsets run on all 4G network providers, making Lumia the smart choice of smartphone.


At the moment, EE, O2, Tesco, Vodafone and Three offer high-speed mobile internet, with coverage growing all the time. By 2017 4G is expected to reach at least 95% of the UK.

3G vs 4G - speed test

We used to pit 3G against 4G in two identical Lumia 925s. 4G download speeds reached up to 27Mbps, and uploads hit and incredible 14Mbps. Check the video for yourself to see 4G speeds in action!

3G vs 4G - downloading a game

4G makes short work of a 40mb game download, completing the transfer in 53 seconds, twice as fast as the 3G connection. Check out the video below to see 4G speeds for yourself!