Wireless Charging Shell for Lumia 820

Go into your shell

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  • Charge without wires

    Replace your Lumia 820 cover with a wireless charging shell, and you can boost your phone battery wirelessly – you’ll never need to use a cable again.

  • Colour co-ordinated

    With eye-catching styling and a range of colours, you can choose the shell that best matches your Nokia Lumia 820 – or personality.

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Place for power

Sick of fiddling about with wires and microUSB connectors when recharging? Then slot your Lumia 820 into a wireless charging shell and you’ll never have to bother with them again. Simply place your phone on Qi compatible wireless charger and it will charge your phone automatically. Just like magic.

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Which shell suits you?

Match your phone to your personality by turning it into a bespoke tailored device. Choose from a range of colours designed to suit your personality or style. So go on. Slip into something more stylish and practical.

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