Barclays Pingit

Send and receive money using just your mobile and our free, secure app. Whether you bank with Barclays or not, if you’re 16 or over, you just need a UK-registered current account and UK mobile number.

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Personalize your Lumia Smartphone with all the apps you need

#TileArt on Lumia smartphones

Your Start screen has never looked this awesome: #TileArt on Microsoft Lumia takes phone personalization to a whole new level. It’s an app that can completely change the look of your phone, and the effect when scrolling through your home screen is unlike anything you’ve seen before.

Show your creative side

Take a lot of photos and videos with your Lumia smartphone? Show off your creations in a new way. We’ve got countless apps available to bring your photos and videos to the next level and easily share with friends.


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Every new Lumia comes with these great Microsoft services, out of the box