Your next business smartphone is a Lumia

With the essential Microsoft services built in, a Lumia gives you the tools to get the job done.

Business classy

The Lumia 830 – style, business features and experience you expect at an affordable price. Combining a powerful processor, 5” HD display, superfast 4G connectivity and Windows Phone, pre-loaded with all the tools you need to be productive. And say hello to Cortana, your truly personal assistant.


Case Study

"Moving away from BlackBerry meant we could give smartphones to more people because there were no more monthly licence fees to pay. They love the new Lumia devices because they're smart, quick and have great functionality."

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Case Study

“No question, the Lumia has sped operations up greatly and reduced operational costs. There has been a 50% reduction in the time it takes to complete on-site tasks.” -Mark Cooper, IT Director at UKDN Waterflow

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Find out why more and more businesses are switching to Lumia

Nokia Lumia for business

Security that's fit for business

Windows Phone security includes secure boot, ensuring the phone only runs with authentic software and encryption that protects all your data on the phone. Password lock protects against unauthorised access and can also be set remotely by your company.


Enterprise Mobility

Changes in consumer usage patterns create pressures for changes in Business to Employees services. With smartphone applications now essential for delivering consumer services, app-driven enterprise mobility is the next step in the consumerisation of IT.


Communicate and Collaborate

Lumia with Windows Phone inspires greater productivity when used with your current Microsoft infrastructure. Right out of the box, Windows Phone includes Sharepoint, OneDrive, Outlook and Office 365 and more, with no need to purchase additional software.


Apps at Work

With over 170,000 apps on Windows Phone, the world is at your fingertips. Essential business apps you need. Exclusive apps you'll love. Browsing the web and using business apps is safe with Lumia.


Mobile Device Management

Lumia with Windows Phone comes with built-in support for the well-known, extensively used Windows ecosystem, making it a powerful choice even for smaller businesses that do not need a complex mobile device management (MDM) solution.