Nokia 206
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Very poor ringing volume I initially loved this phone as such an improvement on my old Nokia for texting, but all its other clever and likeable features are ruined by its pathetic ringing volume. I have set this to maximum, and chosen the gaudiest ringtone, but even then its tinny, pathetic ring is scarcely adequate. With the phone in a case, there is more chance of feeling the vibration than hearing the ring tone. The alarm call is thus equally tinny and pathetic. I have wondered if changing from "Outdoor" to "General" improves anything, but due to the grossly ineffective Nokia manual, which assumes I know what this facility means, there is no clue as to the use of this facility, nor does the product support search give reference to this. So I am stuck with a good phone spoilt, and no way it seems of improving it. 10 January 2014
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