Nokia 515
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Finally a reliable phone Finally a phone I don’t have to charge every few hours. Just like the good old days when I used to charge my phone once a week and leave the charger at home where it belongs. The built quality is solid, although screen resolution and colour isn’t good enough. The use of Gorilla glass was definitely a step in the right direction. Nokia you have done a good job making this phone. So I give you 5 starts for this. Well done! 06 December 2013
Nice phone I liked this phone, it has flash in with the camera. The only issues i have with it is i cant access certain things on the internet and the back cover is abit of a nuisance to take off, so you ave to carry the tool around with you or bend a paper clip and use the end if it! I bought this phone for christmas 2013, not knowing the sim card was a mini one, so i couldnt put my old sim card in, having to wait until after christmas to take it to a o2 shop. Then about 1 month after, it knacked up on me, (wouldnt turn on). Took it back to the o2 shop, they sent it away, About 1 week later it returned back, only to it being upgraded and lost the things saved in my phone and start over again. It was working ok, until about 1 week and a half ago, it has done it again (not turning on). It only 3month old and it keeps knacking up. 27 March 2014
Series 40 is a disappointment I am using this phone after Nokia c5. Everything about this phone is excellent except the software os. Symbian series 60 is far superior in its interface and I simply can't understand why Nokia decided to downgrade the so? 04 February 2014
Great phone with one glaring oversight I bought the phone for the unmatched ergonomics of a classical keypad and for the battery life. I use the phone a lot for voice and sms and I like that I don't have to look at the screen in order to insert text. Internet access is low priority on the phone, since I don't access facebook at work and my emails usually arrive with large files attached to them. This would be the perfect phone for me if it didn't have one extremely annoying flaw: its primitive contact list search function, which can only look into one field (so only first name, or only last name) 12 December 2013
Style over substance Nice looking phone and well constructed, but seriously fails on some core phone functions: - Sound quality is very poor, to the extent of constantly having to ask people to repeat themselves, or to guess what they are saying. - Loudspeaker mode is not loud enough to be of any real use. - Very poor reception. My previous phone (Nokia 3720c), on the same network, gave a strong signal throughout my house. With 515 I have to go outside to make a call. Also, this phone does not allow you to use the LED flash as a torch. I have now reverted to that previous phone while looking for something else. 18 August 2014
Do not buy this phone I'm a long term Nokia fan (20+ years) but Nokia have lost their way with this one. The big problem is the battery life. I can't get a day out of it, and that's without using it. It dies without warning. If I make a few phone calls its hours. I bought a new battery to see if this helped - but no. And yet if I put my battery in my old C3, I get a weeks usage. There's something in this phone draining the battery big style. Come on Nokia, get the basics right. 08 September 2014
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