Do not abort the transfer of map data to your mobile device. Before you start the transfer, make sure that there is enough memory space available on your memory card for the amount of data you want to copy. You can see the amount of data which will be transferred to your mobile device in the Nokia Map Loader application on the line Total Size; under the heading Connected Phones you can see the amount of Free space on your device.If you try to export huge amounts of data, for example if you want to transfer the map data of an entire country or continent, it may take a very long time until all data has been transferred to the card.Make sure that the USB cable is properly connected and the connectors stay tightly fit during the transfer. Check also that the internet connection from your Mac is working properly. Note that data transfer via USB connection does not work with Symbian Series 60 2nd Edition mobile devices like the Nokia N70, so these devices are not supported by Nokia Map Loader for Mac.

Note that Nokia Map Loader for Mac supports only Maps version 3.04 and older, the newer versions starting from 3.06 are not supported. With Maps 3.06 you can download the map data directly to the phone over Wi-Fi (WLAN) connection.