Outgoing emails sent from your device do not appear in the Sent items folder on the Nokia Messaging client on the device, because of the Sent items folder is disabled by default. However, all outgoing emails sent from the device are still delivered successfully to the recipient when the Sent items folder is disabled on the client.

Enable the Sent items folder within the Nokia Messaging client by performing the following steps (For example on Nokia E71 device):

  1. On the device, click on the Menu key.
  2. Select Installations
  3. Select Email.
  4. Select Settings.
  5. Select What to sync.
  6. Select Sent items.
  7. Sent items is currently set to: Sync disabled.
  8. Select Sync sent items.
  9. Sent items is now set to: Sync enabled.
  10. Select Back three times.
  11. Select Sync.
  12. After the synchronization finishes, click on a mailbox within the client's user interface.
  13. Highlight and select Inbox.
  14. Highlight and select Sent items.
  15. Confirm that the user's sent items now appear in the Sent items folder.