FAQ - How do I upgrade or reinstall the Facebook widget in my device?

If the Facebook widget needs to be updated or reinstalled on your touch screen device, check first if the latest Facebook version is available for installation in the Applications > SW Update list and install it from there by selecting Options > Start update.

If Facebook is not available in the SW Update list, download and install Facebook from Ovi Store in the following way:

  1. Remove first the old version by selecting Menu > Settings > Application mgr. > Installed apps. and uninstalling the following two applications:
    1. Select Facebook and then Options > Uninstall.
    2. Select Facebook Installer and then Options > Uninstall.
  2. Connect to Ovi Store by selecting Menu > Ovi Store.
  3. Search for Facebook for Nokia application.
  4. Select Download to start downloading and installing the application.
  5. When prompted for the destination where the application should be installed, select C: Phone memory (other alternatives could be E: Mass memory or Memory card but it is safest to install in Phone memory if the application instructions don't tell that other destinations are supported).

The Facebook version can be checked by starting the Facebook widget and tapping the widget title Facebook at the top of the screen.

Note that there is no need to reinstall Facebook widget if wanting to add it on the home screen and the latest version is already available in the device. The widget can then be added simply by adding content to the home screen and selecting Facebook from the list. Removing Facebook from the home screen doesn't remove the Facebook application from the device.

Note that the Facebook for Nokia widget is available only for selected devices (e.g. Nokia N97, N97 mini) and there are alternative applications for other devices. E.g. in Symbian^3 devices you can use Social client for accessing Facebook.