Why can't I find any software updates in SW Update list after upgrading my Nokia N97 software to version 21.x.045?

If updating the Nokia N97 phone software from version 1x.x.x to version 21.x.045 by using Menu > Applications > SW Update > Options > Start update command, the list of other available software updates is cleared and it will take 24 hours before the list is refreshed. During this time, the SW Update list may show only the update package N97 2.1 software installer 1.0 which has already been installed.

To check the latest software updates for your device (for example the latest Maps version and other application updates), enter Menu > Applications > SW Update again after 24 hours. The list will then be refreshed with the latest software updates.

Note that the availability of phone software version 21.x.045 may vary depending on the device variant.