Your Nokia Mail email address needs to meet these basic rules to be valid – 3-32 characters and only contain letters, numbers, “.” and “_”.

Note! The username rules that were in effect before Nokia Mail was powered by Yahoo! were less stringent, and in some cases usernames from older accounts are still valid.

Here is a more detailed summary of the username requirements:

  1. Must be ASCII only.
  2. Limited to 3-32 characters.
  3. May use letters (a-z), numbers (0-9), underscores (_), one dot (.), and one plus sign (+).  For example, “joe~user” or “joe!user” or “joe$user” are invalid.
  4. May contain one hyphen (-).  Users who created their accounts before Nokia Mail powered by Yahoo! may contain multiple hyphens (-).
  5. Must start with a number or letter.
  6. Must end with a letter or number.  For example, “joe_” or “joe_user_” or “joe.user.” are invalid.
  7. Cannot have consecutive special characters.  For example, “joe__user” or joe_user__123” or “joe_.user” are invalid.
  8. Must contain one or more alphanumeric characters between special characters.
  9. Must pass a restricted words check.
  10. Can be comprised of a prefix and a suffix separated by a single dot, such as “joeuser.usa001” where “joeuser” is the prefix and “usa001” is the suffix.
  11. Prefix and suffix cannot contain any prohibited string or sub-string.
  12. Suffix must be 2 or more characters long.
  13. Cannot contain these reserved prefixes: “yph” or “yphx” or “yphy” or “yphz”.