Nokia has the world’s largest phone recycling network, recycling in almost 100 countries worldwide, and is endeavouring to create a recycling culture in every country in which we operate – not just by raising awareness in our customers, but by working with local authorities, recyclers and other stakeholders to create national solutions.

In 2012, for example, Nokia ran recycling campaigns in over 20 countries, partnering with mobile operators, retailers, universities and schools. We offered mail-in recycling programs in 5 countries, and participated in national recycling programs in 30. During 2012 we collected 431 tonnes of used mobile phones, batteries and accessories.

Nokia’s commitment goes beyond the environmental regulations a global company must follow. Lifecycle thinking is not only important for our business, but for the planet and everybody on it. We make our devices using recycled raw materials whenever possible. Every Nokia phone is an eco-phone.