I cannot connect to the internet using a mobile data connection on my Asha phone (Series 40)

1. Restart your phone with SIM card inserted and retry your mobile data connection (your phone loads the settings from the SIM card).

2. Enable the mobile data connection on your phone. Go to Settings > connectivity > mobile data and switch mobile data to On.

3. Check that your data roaming is activated when you are not in your home network.

4. Confirm with your mobile operator that you have an active mobile data subscription (access to internet) on your SIM card.

5. Setup your default mobile data configuration settings, select one of the options

  • Option 1 - Go to Settings > configuration > default config settings, and select your mobile operator.
  • Option 2 - Send a text message (SMS) to your mobile operator's settings service number, after which you will receive the settings in an SMS. By accepting this you will have the settings configured in your phone.