How do I synchronize Contacts and Calendar from Outlook on my PC with my Nokia phone?

Select Nokia devices have Mail for Exchange available and this gives you two ways to sync your Microsoft Office Outlook contacts and calendar information to your phone. The right method for you depends on whether or not you use Outlook with Microsoft Exchange.


If you use Outlook with Exchange, all you need to do is to configure Mail for Exchange on your phone to synchronize against the same Microsoft Exchange server. If the Mail for Exchange application was not preinstalled on your device you can download it from the Nokia Store.


If you are using Outlook without Exchange:

1. You will first need a Microsoft account (formerly Windows Live ID). If you do not have one you can create one here:

2. You need to configure Outlook to connect to your (Windows Live) account.

    If using Outlook 2013 you can find instructions here:

    For Outlook 2003, 2007 and 2010 please visit the following link:

3. In Outlook, move your contacts and calendar items into the new folders available under your connection. Those new folders will be the ones synchronized with your Live account and you Nokia phone.

4. On your phone, start Mail for Exchange and add a new account. When prompted to select the account type use Windows Live / Hotmail.

5. Enter your Microsoft Account credentials and follow the wizard to finalize the setup and select which content you want synchronized.