Can I use Nokia Maps for S40 without a memory card?

Yes you can, in that case Nokia Maps for S40 will run in online mode.  In case the Nokia Maps for S40 does not find preloaded maps on the device, it can download map data of your vicinity and offer the same functionality - i.e. - route planning, positioning, POI or address search and save favorites using this data. This data is cached, and will not be downloaded again if you are in the same region.If you scroll the map view to a region for which map data is not preloaded, Nokia Maps for S40 will download map data for that region and cache it as well.Using Nokia Maps for S40 without preloaded map data on a memory card may involve a heavy data download cost. If data for the region is not present, it is recommended to preload map data to memory card with Nokia Suite before using Nokia Maps for S40.