I selected Nokia Maps for S40 ‘Use SMS’ for ‘My Position and Online search’. I just saw a notice that asks if I would like to share information with Nokia. What is this about?

If you choose ‘Use SMS’ for ‘My Position and Online search’ and Participation is ON, Nokia Maps for S40 will collect non-personal and statistical information on usage of Nokia Maps for S40. To send this for analysis, Nokia Maps for S40 will require a normal SMS to be sent to Nokia reporting. Before sending this out, Nokia Maps for S40 will ask for your permission.

This is intended solely to help improve the service, and does not contain any personal information about you or your location. All information is anonymous, and is used for analysis on an aggregate basis. If you accept, you will be charged the price of a normal SMS. If you decline, the SMS will not be sent and you will not be charged.