How to install certificate for Nokia Asha device for Mail for Exchange?

If you see an error such as SSL Certificate is not trusted this means that the certificate is missing on the device or has expired. You will need to install the certificate in either of the two ways described below. There are two methods to install the certificate.

  1.  Downloading directly from a remote server via Asha mobile browser.
  2.  Side-loading using a PC.

 1. Downloading directly from a remote server via Asha mobile browserIf your device is missing the Entrust certificate and you are viewing this article via your Asha mobile browser, you may click directly on the URL and it will install the Entrust certificate file directly to your phone properly.Entrust.cer

Note: To IT Admins, if you wish to stage this Entrust certificate (or any other certificate file) on your own file delivery server then you will need to place the certificate file (i.e. filename.cer) on a remote server accessible to your employees.  Ensure your web delivery servers are configured to deliver the *.cer files with the mime-type:  "application/x=x509-ca-cert".

2. Side-loading using a PC

1. Using your pc browser go to the Outlook Web access site of your Microsoft Exchange Server(2003, 2007 or 2010). For example  https://mailserver/owa.

2. On the page click the lock icon just beside the address bar.

3. Upon clicking on the "lock icon" you should see view certificates, click on it then another window will appear. (Please be advised that this depends on what browser you will use ex: Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Google chrome etc.).

4. On the window click on "certification path" and please make sure to select the top most certificate or the root certificate then view certificate.

5. Another window will appear  then click on Details tab and click on Copy to a file.

6. You will then be directed to the Certificate Export Wizard. Click on next then Export File Format should be DER encoded binary X.509 (.CER) , click on next then browse the location where you want to save the certificate on your pc. For example “FileName.Cer”.

7. Click on finish then you will see export was successful.

8. After exporting the certificate on your pc, you have to create an html file format for the certificate. To do this.

Open a notepad on your pc then type in:<HTML><BODY><a href="FileName.cer">Install certificate</a></BODY></HTML>Click on save as then type in FileName.html for the file name. At this point you should have FileName.cer and FileName.htmlAlternatively, you may use one of the htm files contained in the zip file here:  MFE_CERTIFICATE INSTALLATIONS.ZIP.9. Transfer both files using Nokia Pc Suite or via mass storage mode on the device. (This can be on the device memory or on the memory card.)10. On the device look for the files and open the HTML file (FileName.html) , select the link to install the certificate then save it.Note! Self-signed certificate is not supported.