On the front of the phone is the touch screen. Above the screen is the earpiece. Below the screen is, from left to right, the call key, the messaging key, the media key, and the combined end and power key. Below them is the keyboard. With the front of the phone facing you, on the top edge is, from left to right, the charger connector, the micro-USB connector, and the Nokia AV connector. On the left edge is the wrist strap hole. On the right edge of the phone are, from top to bottom, the combined volume and zoom keys and the key lock button. With the back of the phone facing you, at the top is the camera. At the bottom is the back cover release latch. Below the latch is the loudspeaker.

1 - Earpiece

2 - Touch screen

3 - Messaging key

4 - Call key

5 - Keyboard

6 - Volume up/Zoom in key

7 - Volume down/Zoom out key

8 - Key lock button

9 - Media key

10 - End/Power key

11 - Nokia AV connector (3.5 mm)

12 - Micro-USB connector

13 - Charger connector

14 - Camera lens. Before using the camera, remove the protective tape from the lens.

15 - Wrist strap hole

16 - Back cover release latch

17 - Loudspeaker