Select Menu > Internet.

Tip: If you do not have a flat-rate data plan from your service provider, to save data costs in your phone bill, you can use a WLAN to connect to the internet.

View your browsing history, featured sites, or your bookmarks

To switch between the History, Featured, and Favourites tabs, swipe left or right.

Go to a website

Select the address bar, and enter the address.

Move on the web page

Drag the page with your finger.

Zoom in

Select the desired section of the web page.

Zoom out

Double-tap the screen.

Search the internet

Select the search field, and enter a search word. If prompted, select your default search engine.

Return to a previously visited web page

Open the History tab, and select the web page.

Tip: You can download web apps from Nokia Store. When you first open a web app, it is added as a bookmark. For more information, go to

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