You can personalise the ringtones and key and warning tones for each profile.

Select Menu > Settings and Tones.

Change the ringtone

Select Ringtone:, then select a ringtone from Gallery or from your downloaded tones.

Tip: Download more ringtones from Nokia Store. To learn more about Nokia Store, go to

After selecting a ringtone, you can mark a section of the ringtone, and set the section as your ringtone. The original ringtone or sound clip is not copied or modified. Preset ringtones cannot be modified, and not all formats of ringtones are supported.

Mark the section to use

  1. Select a ringtone. When prompted, select Yes.

  2. Drag the start marker to the start point.

  3. Drag the end marker to the end point.

    When a marker is moved to a new point, the selection plays.

  4. To manually play the selection, select Play.

  5. Select Done.

Tip: To fine-tune the start and end points of the selection, select or , and select and hold or .

Change the volume of the keypad tones

Select Keypad tones:, and drag the volume bar.