Want to see your favourite landscape or pictures of your family in the background of the home screen? You can change this wallpaper, and rearrange items on the home screen, to personalise it to your liking.

Change the wallpaper

  1. Select Menu > Settings and Display > Wallpaper.

  2. Select a folder and a picture.

    You can also take a picture with your phone camera, and use that picture.

Tip: Download more wallpapers from Nokia Store. For more information, go to www.nokia.com/support.

Add an application or shortcut

  1. Tap and hold the home screen, and from the pop-up menu, select Personalise view.

  2. Select the bar, an item from the list, and Done.

Change a shortcut

  1. Tap and hold the shortcut you want to change, and from the pop-up menu, select Change shortcut.

  2. Select an item from the list.

Tip: To increase the font size in the Messaging and Contacts applications, or in the main menu, select Menu > Settings and Display > Font size.