Publish your current location to Facebook, together with text and a picture. Your Facebook friends can see your location on a map.

Select Menu > Maps and Share loc..

To share your location, you need a Nokia account and a Facebook account.

  1. Sign in to your Nokia account, or, if you do not yet have one, select Create new account.

  2. Sign in to your Facebook account.

  3. Select your current location.

  4. Enter your status update.

  5. To attach a picture to your post, select Add a photo.

  6. Select Share location.

Manage your Facebook account

In the main view, select Accounts > Share location settings > Facebook.

Sharing your location and viewing the location of others requires an internet connection. This may involve the transmission of large amounts of data and related data traffic costs.

The Facebook terms of use apply to sharing your location on Facebook. Familiarise yourself with the Facebook terms of use and the privacy practices.

Before sharing your location to others, always consider carefully with whom you are sharing it. Check the privacy settings of the social networking service you are using as you might share your location with a large group of people.

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