1. In the home screen, select Telephone to open the dialler, and enter the phone number, including the area code.To remove a number, select qgn-indi-input-backspace.jpg.

    For international calls, select * twice for the + character (which replaces the international access code), and enter the country code, area code (omit the leading zero if necessary), and phone number.

  2. To make the call, press the call key.

  3. To end the call (or to cancel the call attempt), press the end key.

    Pressing the end key always ends a call, even if another application is active.

To make a call from the contacts list, select Menu > Contacts.

Go to the desired name. Or, select the search field, enter the first letters or characters of the name, and go to the name.

To call the contact, press the call key. If you have saved several numbers for a contact, select the desired number from the list, and press the call key.