In the Video centre main view, select Options > Settings and from the following:

Video service selection - Select the video services that you want to appear in Video centre. You can also add, remove, edit, and view the details of a video service. You cannot edit preinstalled video services.

Connection settings - To define the network destination used for the network connection, select Network connection. To select the connection manually each time Video centre opens a network connection, select Always ask.To set GPRS connection on or off, select Confirm GPRS usage.To set roaming on or off, select Confirm roaming.

Parental control - Set an age limit to videos. The required password is the same as the device lock code. The factory setting for the lock code is 12345. In video-on-demand services, videos which have the same or a higher age limit than you have set, are hidden.

Preferred memory - Select whether downloaded videos are saved in the device memory or on a compatible memory card.

Thumbnails - Select whether to download and view thumbnail images in video feeds.