Define e-mail settings

Select Menu > Messaging and Mailbox.

To use e-mail, you must have defined a valid internet access point (IAP) in the device and have defined your e-mail settings correctly.

You must have a separate e-mail account. Follow the instructions given by your remote mailbox and internet service provider (ISP).

If you select Messaging > Mailbox and have not set up your e-mail account, you are prompted to do so. To start creating the e-mail settings with the mailbox guide, select Start.

When you create a new mailbox, the name you give to the mailbox replaces Mailbox in the Messaging main view. You can have up to six mailboxes.

Open the mailbox

Select Menu > Messaging and a mailbox.

When you open the mailbox, the device asks if you want to connect to the mailbox.

To connect to your mailbox and retrieve new e-mail headers or messages, select Yes. When you view messages online, you are continuously connected to a remote mailbox using a data connection.

To view previously retrieved e-mail messages offline, select No.

To create a new e-mail message, select Options > Create message > E-mail.

When you are online, to end the data connection to the remote mailbox, select Options > Disconnect

Retrieve e-mail messages

Select Menu > Messaging and a mailbox.

If you are offline, select Options > Connect to open a connection to the remote mailbox.

Important: Exercise caution when opening messages. Messages may contain malicious software or otherwise be harmful to your device or PC.

  1. When you have an open connection to a remote mailbox, select Options > Retrieve e-mail > New to retrieve all new messages, Selected to retrieve only selected messages, or All to retrieve all messages from the mailbox.

    To stop retrieving messages, select Cancel.

  2. To close the connection and view the e-mail messages offline, select Options > Disconnect.

  3. To open an e-mail message, select the message. If the e-mail message has not been retrieved and you are offline, you are asked if you want to retrieve this message from the mailbox.

To view e-mail attachments, open the message, and select the attachment field indicated by . If the attachment has not been retrieved to the device, select Options > Retrieve. attachments

To retrieve e-mail messages automatically, select Options > E-mail settings > Automatic retrieval.

Setting the device to retrieve e-mail automatically may involve the transmission of large amounts of data through your service provider's network. Contact your service provider for information about data transmission charges.

Delete e-mail messages

Select Menu > Messaging and a mailbox.

To delete the contents of an e-mail message from the device while still retaining it in the remote mailbox, select Options > Delete > Phone only.

The device mirrors the e-mail headers in the remote mailbox. Although you delete the message content, the e-mail header stays in your device. If you want to remove the header as well, you must be connected to the server when deleting the message from your device and the remote mailbox. It there is no connection to the server, the header is deleted when you make a connection from your device to the remote mailbox again to update the status.

To delete an e-mail from the device and the remote mailbox, select Options > Delete > Phone and server.

To cancel deleting an e-mail that has been marked to be deleted from the device and server during the next connection (), select Options > Restore.

Disconnect from the mailbox

When you are online, to end the data connection to the remote mailbox, select Options > Disconnect.