View your location and the map

See your current location on the map, and browse maps of different cities and countries.

Select Menu > Maps and My position.

marks your current position, if available. When your device is searching for your position, blinks. If your position is not available, indicates your last known position.

If only cell ID based positioning is available, a red halo around the positioning icon indicates the general area you might be in. In densely populated areas, the accuracy of the estimate increases, and the red halo is smaller than in lightly populated areas.

Move on the map

Drag the map with your finger. By default, the map is oriented north.

View your current or last known location

Select .

Zoom in or out

Select + or -.

If you browse to an area not covered by the maps that are stored on your device and you have an active data connection, new maps are automatically downloaded.

Map coverage varies by country and region.

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