Plan your journey, and create your route and view it on the map before setting off.

Select Menu > Maps and My position.

Create a route

  1. Tap the location of your starting point. To search for an address or place, select Search.

  2. Tap the location's information area ().

  3. Select Add to route.

  4. To add another route point, select Add new route point and the appropriate option.

Change the order of the route points

  1. Select a route point.

  2. Select Move.

  3. Tap the place where you want to move the route point to.

Edit the location of a route point

Tap the route point, and select Edit and the appropriate option.

View the route on the map

Select Show route.

Navigate to the destination

Select Show route > Options > Start driving or Start walking.

Change the settings for a route

The route settings affect the navigation guidance and the way the route is displayed on the map.

  1. In the route planner view, open the Settings tab. To get to the route planner view from the navigation view, select Options > Route points or Route point list.

  2. Set the transportation mode to Drive or Walk. If you select Walk, one-way streets are regarded as normal streets, and walkways and routes through, for example, parks and shopping centres, can be used.

  3. Select the desired option.

Select the walking mode

Open the Settings tab, and select Walk > Preferred route > Streets or Straight line. Straight line is useful on off-road terrain as it indicates the walking direction.

Use the faster or shorter driving route

Open the Settings tab, and select Drive > Route selection > Faster route or Shorter route.

Use the optimised driving route

Open the Settings tab, and select Drive > Route selection > Optimised. The optimised driving route combines the advantages of both the shorter and the faster routes.

You can also choose to allow or avoid using, for example, motorways, toll roads, or ferries.

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